Advocating for the Insured Since 1972
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Decades of experience helping policyholders maximize their insurance claim settlement.

If your home or business suffers a catastrophic loss, the insurance company claims adjuster you’re about to depend on literally holds your future in their hands. Yet that person doesn’t work for you. That insurance company adjuster, by law, represents the insurance company’s interests. Not yours.

Think about that. Then think about InterClaim® Worldwide: a 2nd generation, family-owned public adjusting firm with over four decades of experience, highly specialized expertise and a BBB-proven track record of public trust. We represent the policyholder, exclusively, to make sure you get the maximum possible recovery on your claim. To get your life back.

You’ve paid dearly for insurance. Now make sure you get everything you paid for. If you engage actively and negotiate in the claims process, you will. 

If you don’t, you won’t. 

InterClaim® Worldwide. It just makes sense to put an expert on your side.

Interclaim Worldwide

Expertise. Resources. Results.

In the aftermath of catastrophic accident, fire or weather event, even the best-prepared risk managers, business owners, policies and procedures will bestrained to the limit.

Who you depend on to prepare and manage the insurance claim may well decide the year’s profitability... or the very survival of the business.


Tap into the experience you need for the insurance settlement you deserve.

It’s simple. For legal issues, you have your own lawyer. For tax issues, you have your own accountant. For the biggest issue of your life, you should have your own professional advocate as well.

Interclaim Worldwide

Interclaim Mission Statement

InterClaim was founded with the express purpose of providing the highest level of professional loss consulting to clients, both large and small, worldwide. Our mission is to maximize the claim recovery while maintaining excellent risk relations with your insurance carrier.
We’re here to help.
Tap into the experience you need for the insurance settlement you deserve.
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