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InterClaim® Worldwide for Homeowners’ Claims


The experience you need for the most important negotiation of your life.

We know the days following a disastrous loss are incredibly difficult... physically, emotionally and economically. With so much anxiety over loved ones, lost possessions and uncertainty for the future, the ability to coolly analyze and document a loss, and properly fill out a claim, is the last thing any homeowner should be doing.

The last thing, that is, except assume that the insurance company will "take care of you." That's not their job or their legal responsibility. The insurance company adjuster works for them, not for you.

It's simple. For legal issues, you have your own lawyer. For tax issues, you have your own accountant. For the biggest issue of your life, you should have your own professional advocate as well.

Simply owning insurance does not guarantee a full recovery from the insurance company. Your insurance policy is a legal contract, nothing more, nothing less. Your actions (or lack of action) may result in a lower claim payment or outright denial, because that legal contract is full of technical language and specific procedures you must follow in order to receive the coverage described in the policy.

Let InterClaim®'s experienced professional team handle everything on your behalf, and you'll have one less thing to worry about. InterClaim® will:

  • Analyze your insurance policy to identify all coverage that applies to your loss
  • Assist in finding and securing comfortable temporary housing
  • Request and secure advance payment from your insurance company to cover immediate expenses
  • Investigate damage to the structure(s) and personal property, assuring all damage is identified and addressed
  • Prepare a detailed line-by-line estimate of damage to the structure(s) including diagrams and photographs
  • Prepare a detailed item-by-item estimate of damage to the personal property including complete descriptions, quantities, amount of loss and actual cash values
  • Represent YOU to present and adjust your claim. InterClaim® does the work, while you stay in control. We'll keep you up to date with all developments in the claim, present all claim settlement offers to you and offer recommendations based on our decades of experience. We will not accept or reject any offers without your authority and direction.
  • Get your very best settlement by making sure you comply with all policy provisions and present all evidence necessary to receive a full and fair settlement

InterClaim®'s fee is a percentage of the insurance company's settlement with you. By maximizing your settlement, our services will save you the cost of our fee… at the very least. Meanwhile, you enjoy real peace of mind regarding the claims process.

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