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Advice from Experts


Read what people "in the know" are saying about Public Adjusters


"The insurace company's adjuster isn't going to pay more than the amount that is absolutely necessary to settle the claim."

Art Stone - Pistorius & Stone, Attorneys at Law - Dallas, Texas


"The most frequent and important mistake made by the insured in the adjustment of a property claim is the failure to retain a competent, experienced, public adjuster immediately. "

Howard Clark - former Insurance Commissioner - South Carolina


" Public Adjusters are experts who can deal rapidly and efficiently with insurance company representatives because they speak the same language and deal with the same matters just as competently, one important difference: the Public Adjuster works for you, not the insurance company. Since he works on a small fee based upon the amount recovered, he'll do his best to get you the highest possible amount."

Editor - Hudson Home Magazine


"The first step is to recognize that a policyholder's relationship to his insurance company is defined NOT in the soothing voices of insurance commercials, but in the cold print of the insurance policy."

Money Magazine


"The policyholder should be looking out for his own welfare, NOT turning the whole thing over to his insurance company."

Editor - Money Magazine


"Rarely will an adjuster volunteer anything that increases the insurance company's liability."

Michael Saladino - former Deputy Insurance Commissioner


"I am indeed aware that an honest and hardworking Public Adjuster can and does provide a needed service to his client. The adjuster is also very much aware that the Public Adjuster is probably getting 10 percent of the loss or more. This is seen as actually costing the insured nothing, since most adjusters would concede that any Public Adjuster even half-way worth his salt will increase even a well-adjusted loss by at least that much."

James L. Cameron - Property Claims Supervisor - Fireman's Fund Insurance Co.


"Fighting any major claim is a big job. It will be time consuming and there is no way around it."

W.Edward Wilson - Sr.Claims Analyst - Aetna Insurance Company


"The Public Adjuster is here to stay.They can't help but keep insurance companies on their toes when it comes to settling claims."

Louis J. Mayeux - Property Claims Supervisor - General Accident insurance Company


"Once you have a claim, using a Public Adjuster to fully recover is a prudent course of action. It's sort of an arms race. People who do not use a Public Adjuster get smaller claim checks."

Editor - Real Estate Investing Letter
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