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InterClaim® has many satisfied clients both here and abroad. For a detailed list of references with contact information OR a list of references local to you, please contact us directly.


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"In May of 1993, the Bryan Building in which my business is located had a fire...
I contracted with Public Adjusters to represent me in my damage claim and I say right now that it was one of the best decisions I have ever made.  They handled my claim in its entirety leaving me with the time to deal with getting my business reopened.
I am sure that my settlement with my insurance company netted me every possible dollar due me under the terms of my coverage, certainly many thousands of dollars more than I could have netted on my own.
I whole heartily recommend Public Adjusters to anyone needing service of this kind and the Check I wrote them for their services was one of the easiest I have ever written."

Bill Barbour
Village Opticians
Bryan Building
Cameron Village
Raleigh, NC

"We want to thank you for the help you and your people gave us after Hurricane Fran hit in September.  Jean and I were so concerned about our damage, and our future, we could very well have made wrong decisions in those days right after the storm.
We both feel very fortunate to have selected Interclaim to represent us in the settlement of our claim.  You lifted this very serious matter off of our hands and worked very professionally with the insurance company.  The settlement we received is very fair.
Whenever we have the opportunity to recommend Interclaim, we will certainly do so."

Donald H. Luther
The Topsail Island Trading Company
201 New River Drive
Surf City, NC

"We wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and your associates for all your help during the aftermath of Hurricane Fran.  We appreciate your taking time to help us through a difficult, stressful time.  Through your advise and continuous professionalism, we received a fair adjustment from our insurance company.
We would recommend your services to anyone in need after a catastrophe.  Thank you again for all your kindness."

Charles R. Bush
Bush’s Repair Center
Topsail Beach, NC

"I want to take this opportunity to thank Interclaim and in particular your representative, Anthony Fusco, for the professional manner you handled my claims following Hurricane Fran."

Astor V. Bolden
Astor Bolden Enterprises Inc.
Sewer System Rehabilitation
200 Willard Street
Wilmington, NC

"I appreciate your help.  Your work was thorough and competent, and probably netted me more than if I had done this myself."

Rod Phillips
2220 Capital Blvd.
Raleigh, NC

"From the very beginning you made us feel like you were handling a claim for a member of your own family.  We must admit being very leery of hiring a private adjuster, but after one meeting the knowledge and information we received from you proved we had made the write decision.
I must admit that at first we felt someone from our firm could handle this claim, we later realized that besides the fact that we lacked the knowledge, the time you put into our claim would have been very costly and time consuming, especially since we were trying to work on reopening our restaurant.  We probably would have accepted half of what we received. I shudder to think where we would have been without Mr. Fusco."

Michael Cohen
New York Pizza Exchange
2810 Paces Ferry Road
Atlanta, GA

"Let me take this opportunity to thank you...for the efficient and professional manner in which you handled the fire loss of our peanut warehouse on May 28, 1998 in Shellman, GA.
The loss we incurred was devastating but with your help we are able to recover a substantial amount more than we could have done alone. Thanks again for your help.  We are $$$ ahead because of you".

Dan Parker
Locke Farm Center
618 W. Lee Street
Dawson, GA

"We are very pleased with the results of their efforts and the amount of proceeds which we received from the insurance company which adequately reflected the dollar amount of the loss which we had incurred."

Mark W. Rottner
Lyonel M. Joffre
Vice President
Georgian Art Lighting Designs, Inc
Lawrenceville, GA

"Thank you very much for the outstanding advice and guidance provided by your firm in resolving our insurance claim with the Cincinnati Insurance Companies.  We achieved a fair and equitable settlement because of their experience and understanding of the industry coupled with excellent negotiating skills."

Thurmond Woodard
AMSCO Wholesalers, Inc.
6525A Best Friend Road
Norcross, GA

"One of the best business decisions I’ve ever made...
The documentation required by the insurance carrier for us to prove our loss was overwhelming.  In order for me to document my loss, may staff would have been pulled from their regular duties to work on this claim.  This would have caused me to suffer another loss of revenue. and your associates proceeded to compile all the information required to settle our claim and my staff could attend to business as usual.
Everyone...we dealt with was professional and knowledgeable about our fire loss claim.  Every call we made was promptly returned, every question answered.  You and your staff are to be commended for an excellent job."

Jimmy Jones
Access Systems, Inc.
830 West Capitol Street
Jackson, MS

"On August 24, 1992, Hurricane Andrew severely damaged my home and my business.  I attempted to settle in a fair and amicable manner with the two insurance companies involved.
Both insurance companies treated me extremely unprofessionally, including using threatening and abusive tactics.  Thanks to Mr. Fusco and his crew, my insurance nightmares became manageable.  Both insurance claims were settled for substantial amounts, due to...Mr. Fusco’s professional knowledge of my insurance and the thoroughness with which they handled my claims. I am very happy that I took this route and would highly recommend it."

Joseph Goldstein
President and CEO
Transfermania, Inc  et al
3240 W 16 Avenue
Hialeah, FL

"I just want to thank you all at interclaim for all the efforts you all have made in helping us to get back to a new start, for all the monies which you have helped us recover, and providing us information we would not have known had it been us working on our own, ISLAND SPICE Jamaican Restaurant truly thanks INTERCLAIM.
Thanks to you all."

Andrew & Jenine Blackford
Island Spice Jamaican Restaurant
Columbia, SC



"On behalf of Mr. and Mrs. Lauren, I would like to thank you for the professional manner in which you handled our insurance claim in Jamaica, West Indies. We were especially pleased with the quick response to the problem in the preparation of the claim which was performed in a most professional manner, the rapidity with which the claim was filed and the final resolution which was our receipt in full of our claim. I would strongly recommend your services to any client or to anyone you would refer to me."

Arnold L. Cohen
Ralph Lauren Design Studio
New York, NY

"Just a quick note to thank you for the outstanding job your company did in assessing the damage to Seaspray, our home in Jamaica. The promptness and efficiency of your work was very much appreciated."

Jerry Burns
Head Football Coach
Minnesota Vikings

"I would like to thank you for the expeditious handling of our claim in Jamaica. We were happy with the evaluation of the loss and your representation of us to the insurance company. Your diligence was much appreciated and we were very satisfied with the settlement."

Robert B. Anderson
Anderson Distributing Co., Inc.

"...the settlement that you received for the entire complex at Granada Del Mar in St. Croix was, according to the Board of Directors, over one-third higher than they had expected...
I have been in business for twenty-five years and have worked with countless organizations. Few, if any, have been as easy to work with, and I would be happy to offer recommendations to whomever you would like."

John B. O’Donnell
The John O’Donnell Company
New York, NY

"You and your group did a great job in representing me on my claim. I hope I never have another problem, but should that occur, I will definitely call on your company to represent me."

Al Jette
200 Singleton Street
Sneads Ferry, NC

"In speaking on behalf of myself and Barbara, we wish to thank you for the outstanding professionalism in representing us in dealing with the claims with Allstate...
When major catastrophes happen the insurance adjuster is not working in the homeowners behalf. We count it a real blessing to have had your representation in our behalf.
We know it would not have been to our benefit to deal with the insurance companies adjuster without representation by Interclaim.
Thanks again for a job well done."

Eddie L. Jackson
410 W. Blackbeard Road
Wilimington, NC

"We are very please with the work that InterClaim and you in particular have done for us. You made the experience hassle free. Thank you."

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Beard
Churchill Road
Charlotte, NC

"I appreciate the work and effort that you …did on handling our claim with State Farm Insurance Company. It allowed me to devote my efforts to getting our house rebuilt and saved me a lot of aggravation in having to deal with State Farm.
You may use me as a reference..."

Arthur Weyrauch
771 Fox Hollow Parkway
Marietta, GA

"I would like to express my appreciation to you and your staff for the outstanding and professional manner in which each facet of my case was handled following the fire...
...I was able to receive a settlement from my insurance company that I am confident in saying I would have not received without your help."

Brett Peterson
Lilburn, GA

"As we looked amongst the rubble, it became clear that we would need help in trying to asses our loss. INTERCLAIM became our “lifeline".
Each time we met with you on site your professional expertise and your personal concern were so evident to us that we knew we wanted you as our advocate with our insurance company. Now that our final settlement has been reached, we can only say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.
It is with our highest recommendation to anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation, that we would encourage them to grasp the “lifeline” that is…INTERCLAIM, LTD."

Daniel and Krista Lay
340 Sunset Drive
Norcross, GA

"I don’t know what I would do without my son and your company an angel sent you both."

Claudette Murphy
1075 Gauquin Lane
Tega Cay, SC

"On April 11, 2009 my home was destroyed by fire and I lost everything I owned. A day or two later I got a call from Mack MacKenzie who turned out to be a God send. I met with him and he introduced me to Interclaim worldwide. He did not just tell me about a company that may or may not be able to help me but introduced me to a group of people who has already gone through what I was about to. A group of people who really cared about me and my family and a real interest to help. I now want to thank you and the team that helped me through what should have been a real hard time. Thanks to people like Mack, Chad Lee, Ken and Susan King and others who worked close to them. Thank you."

Kenneth and Tina Smith
Newnan, GA

Faith Based Organizations


"I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your efforts on our behalf. I am sure that our claim due to losses from Hurricane Andrew was not only processed quicker but also more effectively...
I am confident that without your help we would have settled for less insurance proceeds than we actually received. I appreciate the way you handled the claim. A good relationship with the insurance company was paramount to us when the process was complete. I think that was achieved. Thanks again!"

James Srodulski
Business Administrator
First Baptist Church of Perrine
16906 S.W. 90th Avenue
Miami, FL

"On behalf of the Trustees and the congregation of the Coila Church, I wish to thank you and your organization for your help during our fire loss and the full settlement we received from our insurance company. You were very instrumental in not only getting us our full settlement but in making sure we pursued the correct course of action. Thank you for your advice and the professionalism of your entire staff. It was a pleasure to do business with your organization."

Dick Bareuther
Coila Church
R.D 2 Cambridge, NY

"Tamiami United Methodist Church, its pastor, the Administrative Counsel, and the entire congregation as well, are deeply grateful...
...we hereby wish to express our sincere gratitude to this company, and to all its staff members who have successfully helped is to step forward in midst of all this unwanted situation.
You can rest assured that Tamiami United Methodist Church will always remember this most kind attitude of yours, which has gone far beyond your mere duties and obligations..."

Rev. Ovidio Amaro
Tamiami United Methodist Church
Miami, FL

"On behalf of the Sisters of Mercy in the Albany Regional Community, may I express our sincere appreciation for all your efforts and that of your staff on our behalf...
Our successful completion of the insurance recovery related to the fire at the Convent of Mercy, June 30, 1992 is in great part due to your compassionate concern and attention to detail.
We are most grateful for you assistance."

Sr. Rosemary J. Sgroi, RSM
President Albany Regional Community
Sisters of Mercy of the Americas
634 New Scotland Avenue
Albany, NY

"On behalf of St. Paul A.M.E. Church, I want to personally thank you for the generous gift of service your firm provided our Church.
I also want to commend you and your Staff for the timely rendering of the claims settlement monies due our Church. I am sure you understand, this was a difficult time for our congregation; yet your caring, personable claims personnel made the process smoother and our burden lighter. The professional and courteous manner of all InterClaim Ltd. Personnel was appreciated by all who had the opportunity to interact with your Staff."

Maddie Sue Porter
St. Paul A.M.E Church

Multi Family & Investors


"It is a pleasure to finally pay you for this hard work and conclude the matter for both of us.
I have been very pleased how you kept on top of and prioritized this claim even though it was relatively small. It says a lot for your professionalism and service orientation to have made multiple trips to Raleigh to have dealt with this claim and to have seen it through to the end. Without your assistance, I would likely have not obtained all that I was entitled to under the policy; hence it was reassuring to have an experienced professional looking out for my interests.
I wish you success as your business develops in the Raleigh area in particular and in North Carolina in general."

James D. Joslin
Joslin Realty Inc.
2512 Hinton Street
Raleigh, NC

"I have known Anthony Fusco for four years and my company has worked with him on numerous occasions. I have found him to be honest, dependable, and of strong moral character. He demonstrates sound, solid, and fair judgement. I would be glad to give my highest recommendation of him to anyone who requires his services."

Tom Moore
President TPM Properties
Charlotte, NC

"During the days after the impact of Hurricane Fran, we had the good fortune to engage your company’s services. We were still in a state of shock and exhausted from working long hard hours trying to save our property.
You immediately went to work on our claim and completely eliminated our worries. It was a great relief knowing we would not be spending hours detailing the damages, obtaining estimates, or dealing with an adjuster who worked for the insurance company, not us. This allows us to concentrate on our business and helped remove the trauma from the situation.
Your family and entire staff are professionals in all areas; discovering damages of which we were unaware, always courteous and polite in answering our questions, promptly itemizing each detail (from the smallest to the largest), and arranging a speedy settlement of our claim. We are convinced that your work resulted in our receiving a larger settlement from our insurance company.
We hope we never have to suffer another disaster, but if we do, we want Interclaim working for us again."

Rick Turner & Gloria Turner
Owner, Broker
Turner Real Estate Corp
Surf City, NC

"It has been my good fortune to be associated with Anthony Fusco of Interclaim...
Anthony is courteous, professional, and effective."

Thomas Kerr Freeman
Thos. F. Kerr Co., Inc.
124 Brevard Court
Charlotte, NC

"The Summit Building, located at 3823 Roswell Road, Marietta, Georgia, was damaged by an extensive fire on October 4, 1991. Seven medical and dental professional offices were forced to relocate to other temporary spaces.
It has been our pleasure to work with the firm…who represented the Owners in our negotiation with State Farm Insurance. Their professionalism and knowledge of the procedures necessary to insure that the Owner was suitable protected proved invaluable in this settlement process."

Robert L. Nelson AIA
President, Nelson & Associates Inc.
Development and Construction Consulting
Atlanta Financial Center, Suite 100
3333 Peachtree Road N.E.
Atlanta, GA

"We employed Interclaim in December to work with our insurance company to settle a dispute over a fire-damaged house.
Interclaim was instrumental in getting this dispute resolved."

Mark H. Moyer
Lib Properties, Ltd.
200 Sandy Springs Place, N.E.
Atlanta, GA

"To have one of eight buildings of an apartment complex you have just purchased destroyed by fire complicates, considerably, the process of transition and renovation. When a major loss occurs die to a fire or other casualty, dealing with the parties involved as well as the complex issues and innumerable details can be a formidable task. Thankfully, we contracted with Interclaim to deal with those issues and details.
We were very pleased with the courteous and efficient manner in which you and others at Interclaim conducted yourselves throughout the course of resolving the claim. We were also very pleased with the settlement which you were able to negotiate with the insurance company.
Without hesitation, we would recommend the services of Interclaim..."

Daniel J. Miles
Miles Properties, Inc.
Atlanta, GA

"I just wanted to send you this note of appreciation, not only for myself, but for the clients of mine whose claims you handled following the devastation of Hurricane Luis which amounted to several millions US$ in losses.
You and your team of Adjusters, as well as your secretarial staff, were all very professional in your service and you stood the ground during hard times of negotiating. Everyone was very satisfied with the outcome. There is no question in my mind and in the minds of those you served, that it pays to have professionals like you to do what you do best."

Diecor Schaede
Manager Simpson Bay
Tendal Real Estate N.V.
Phillipsburg, St, Maarten N.A.

"May I take this opportunity to thank you and your associates for the outstanding job in representing my interest in St Maarten and Anguilla.
After the catastrophe, the situation was quite stressful and confused. We needed someone like your firm to keep things in perspective and advise us properly. Your firm was courteous, professional, an efficient.
We would recommend your company without hesitation, and indeed, we were fortunate to have you handle our affairs."

Richard S. Plumeri
Richardson Realtors
New Jersey



"On behalf of Mombassa Bay, I would like to take this opportunity to express our most sincere gratitude and appreciation to you in the extremely professional and expedient manner in which your company handled our insurance claim.
Despite the various attempts of the insurance company to avoid the main issues of the damage, your persistence and knowledge of our policy proved essential to the total attainment of the claim.
Along with your staff, we consider you [Andrew M. Fusco] a consummate professional who is able to obtain results in speedy and beneficial manner. I would highly recommend you to anyone needing your services."

Amos Chess & Mark Ekus
Mombassa Bay
3051 Northeast 32nd Avenue
Ft. Lauderdale, FL

"Immediately following Hurricane Andrew in August 1992, our business filed insurance claims with several insurance companies on our Pelican Beach Resort Oceanfront hotel property in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.
Notwithstanding the fact that we had “muddied the waters”, so to speak, by submitting our own claim, your Company aggressively and professionally stepped in, conducted a complete inventory of all damages, met with insurance adjusters and submitted an amended claim. The entire workload shifted from our shoulders to yours.
The results obtained far exceeded our expectations and we were extremely happy with the professionalism, courtesy and communication maintained between Pelican Beach Resort and Public Adjusters at all times.
It is without hesitation that I recommend your Company for its professionalism and the manner in which you conduct business."

Stephan L. Kruse
Pelican Beach Resort
2000 North Atlantic Blvd.
Fort Lauderdale, FL

"...I am pleased to advise that we were very satisfied with the work that you did for us."

Conrad Engelhardt
Bermudas Elegant Waterfront Hotel
No. 1 Harbour Road, Bermuda

"As a result of the world’s worst hurricane (Hurricane “Gilbert”) our property suffered damage in every way imaginable. The difficulty of the claim called for a professional approach… In choosing Public Loss Adjusters we had hired a company that was efficient, effective and professional. The end result was that our claim was settled satisfactorily, in the minimum amount of time."

Stephen P. Callaghan
Financial Director
Tryall Golf, Tennis & Beach Club
Sandy Bay P.O.
Hanover, Jamaica, W.I.
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